There are a ton of socks out there - conservative for dress, wacky for fun, basics for lazy, and obviously a ton of niche athletic socks to choose from. 

But what we thought was lacking was quality dress socks that had some actual style and color without costing a **** ton. Who said you can't be stylish at work as a dude?

Accessories are a great way for dudes to dress themselves up with some individuality without clashing with professional attire expectations or looking like you're trying too hard and we figure socks are an amazing place to start. 

With no compromise to quality, we're neurotic about the details so you don't have to be:

  • 200 needle: 200 N socks are like 1000 thread count bedsheets. This allows the seamless feel and high resolution view of patterns.
  • Combed cotton: Done for higher quality fibers to filters out any short length fibers for a smooth soft feel. 
  • Reinforced heel and toe: This way your socks last longer, fit better, and cushion your feet better in whatever shoes you choose to wear.


We're always trying to improve and make both the product and customer experience better so if you have any feedback, please don't be shy and reach out to us with your thoughts at