How to Properly Wash Your Socks

It's true that most socks (and other apparel for that matter) just don't last that long. Holes in the toe or heel easily happens a few weeks to a month later; the material gets worn down with different types of work shoes; loose threads cause them to fall apart.

Yeah I get it - it sucks. One sock fails and you have to buy a replacement pair. Or just mismatch pairs if you're really desperate - I've done that both intentionally and unintentionally :/

Despite those issues though, the main reason socks and other apparel don't last as long is because you're also just not washing your shiz correctly... 

Here's how you to wash your socks to keep them lasting longer and nicer:

  1. I advise washing socks inside out so the external colors and designs can be preserved longer, but it's not necessary.

  2. Cold setting for washer with mild detergent on gentle or delicate cycle.

  3. Squeeze and hang dry OR tumble dry low.

  4. [SIDENOTE: Keeping your toe nails trimmed definitely helps. Otherwise, getting holes in your socks is really your own fault.]

Please DON'T:

  • Bleach -- distorts colors and designs / generally harsh that's why it's for stain removal and white clothing

  • High heat exposure (that includes iron, dry clean, high heat drying) -- causes shrinking

  • Wring and stretch -- loosens finite elasticity

We like nice things, but who wants to keep replacing nice things and wasting lots of money when it could be avoided with simple care?!

Hope this helps :) 


<3 Top Drawer Peeps